Shania: Still The One
The Colosseum at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas

Shania: Still The One (Dec. 2013 - Dec. 2014)

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"Still The One" show (12/1/13)

Paula Fernandes and I have been working on something special. Can't wait to share it with #Brazil! (12/3/13)

"Still The One" show (12/3/13)

Shania with Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo - Miss Rhode Island 2012, Miss USA 2012 & Miss Universe 2012

This gentleman proposed to his fiance at my show on Sunday night while I was singing "From This Moment On." Congratulations to the couple and thank you for including me in such a precious moment in your life. I am truly honored! (12/4/13)

"Still The One" show (12/4/13)

Anne Pegg and her grandson from Ontario, Canada - Shania Kids Can "Still The One" show and dinner with Shania auction winners

"Still The One" show (12/7/13)

"Still The One" show (12/8/13)

"Still The One" show (12/10/13)

"Still The One" show (12/11/13)

"Still The One" show (12/13/13)

"Still The One" show (12/14/13)

"Still The One" 1st anniversary dinner and auction benefiting Shania Kids Can (12/14/13) by Jenny Taylor

Heading home for #Christmas with a box of home baked goodies my friend baked for me for the trip. It's going to be a delicious flight. See you again in #Vegas on January 22nd to celebrate the beginning of 2014 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace! (12/16/13)

Can't wait to be back on stage in ONE week for #ShaniaInVegas! @CaesarsPalace #StillTheOne #LasVegas #Vegas (1/14/14)

Got in to Vegas last night. So nice to be back! #ShaniaInVegas (1/21/14)

Last voice warm up before the new run of shows in Vegas! Can't wait to see you all tonight! #ShaniaInVegas (1/22/14)

"Still The One" show (1/22/14)

"Still The One" show (1/23/14)

The crowds at @ColosseumatCP this week have been amazing! Who's coming out tonight? #ShaniaInVegas (1/25/14)

"Still The One" show (1/25/14)

"Still The One" show (1/26/14)

1/27/14 - A kind fan gave me Canadian Olympic mitts last night so I sported them for the rest of the song! #ShaniaInVegas

I just love this horse! #ShaniaInVegas (1/27/14)

"Still The One" shows on 1/28/14 & 1/29/14 cancelled due to a sore throat

"Still The One" show (1/31/14)

2/1/14 - The audience went crazy with a heart felt standing ovation for two very special guests from the United States Air Force.
The support and respect for these gentlemen was moving. #ShaniaInVegas

"Still The One" show on 2/1/14 cancelled due to a relapse and a mild case a pneumonia

I am feeling so much better today. See you at the show tonight! #ShaniaInVegas (2/4/14)

"Still The One" show (2/4/14)

2/5/14 - Backstage after my show last night. So happy to feel well again & back at it. See you tonight! #ShaniaInVegas

"Still The One" show (2/5/14)

"Still The One" show (2/9/14)

2/10/14 - My boy was so good last night. He seems to enjoy his role in the show. What do you think? #ShaniaInVegas

On my way to the The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for tonight's show! #ShaniaInVegas (2/11/14)

"Still The One" show (2/11/14)

2/12/14 - Great group around the campfire last night. Who's bringing the s'mores tonight? #ShaniaInVegas

"Still The One" show (2/12/14)

"Still The One" show (2/14/14)

A big thank you to Eduardo and Diana who successfully bid on the Valentine's Day Auction.
"You're Still The One has been our song since you released it and to be on stage with you on our 26th anniversary was truly
a blessing for us. Knowing that our humble donation is contributing to your SKC program, makes us happier because we
can give something back to you, such a beautiful person." ~ Eduardo and Diana

"Still The One" show (2/15/14)

2/16/14 - Sorry to say good-bye to Vegas after last night of this run but will be back May 20th. See you then!

Always hard to leave Vegas & Caesars Palace. Can't wait to be back May 20th! #ShaniaInVegas (2/21/14)

Who's coming to #ShaniaInVegas in May? Let the countdown begin! (3/5/14)

This was a day off at @shark_reef in the Mandalay aquarium, a must-see if youíre ever in Vegas! (3/10/14)

Can't wait to get back on stage! #May20th #ShaniaInVegas (3/17/14)

Need your help on a caption for this... #ShaniaInVegas (3/19/14)

Looking forward to reconnecting with all the #fans in May! #ShaniaInVegas (3/27/14)

Rehearsing for my Vegas show during the last run in my fancy Shania Kids Can shirt! (4/2/14)

I will be on stage [and audience] in Colosseum at Caesars Palace in 3 weeks! Who's coming? #ShaniaInVegas (4/30/14)

#TBT Filming the saloon scene on the green screen for the #ShaniaInVegas show! (5/1/14)

From the new (5/1/14)

The party is on in #Vegas next week! #ShaniaInVegas (5/13/14)

Last rehearsal before the my first show of this new run. Canít wait to see you tonight! #ShaniaInVegas (5/20/14)

"Still The One" show (5/20/14)

"Still The One" show (5/21/14)

5/22/14 - I love walking through the crowd....but first lets take a selfie. #ShaniaInVegas

"Still The One" show (5/24/14)

@PerezHilton - "Shania just came to say hello to me - DURING THE SHOW! Dying!!!! Shania!!! @ShaniaTwain @TheColosseum @CaesarsPalace"

@PerezHilton - "I love this woman so much!!! Her show is EVERYTHING!!! Amazing production, amazing band, amazing dancers, amazing singing and AMAZING Shania!!! So special! So uplifting! So many hits!!! And when she dances with a horse... one of the most magical moments I have EVER seen in a show! Loved! Loved! Loved!!! @ShaniaTwain #ShaniaTwain #TheColosseum #CaesarsPalace #LasVegas #Vegas #Shania #Yessss!!!!!"

Auction winners - How great to meet this wonderful couple! Thank you so much for a lovely dinner!

"Still The One" show (5/25/14)

"Still The One" show (5/28/14)

All leopard. #ShaniaInVegas (5/29/14)

Who is coming to party with me at Colosseum? See you tomorrow + Sunday! (5/30/14)

"Still The One" show (5/31/14)

"Still The One" show (6/1/14)

Pics by Cody Jendro

6/5/14 - Thanks to @AvrilLavigne for the gorgeous flowers in my dressing room after the show.

"Still The One" show (6/3/14)

Piff The Magic Dragon - "So Shania Twain invited Mr. Piffles and I to her show tonight. And then she invited us on stage for a sing-a-long."

"Still The One" show (6/4/14)

PEOPLE (6/16/14)


Calgary, I'm getting ready for you! (6/6/14)

"Still The One" show (6/6/14)

"Still The One" show (6/7/14)

Shania with one of her dancers, Nathanael Nussa

Sad to say goodbye to Vegas. Looking forward to returning in July. Stay cool! (6/9/14)

"Still The One" show (7/12/14)

"Still The One" show (7/13/14)

"Still The One" show (7/15/14)

Found this little cutie at a gas station last week in Canada. Someone from our team gave her a happy home! (7/16/14)

"Still The One" show (7/16/14)

"Still The One" show (7/18/14)

That's what I call a drive by! #shaniainvegas #vegas #sincity #thestrip (7/19/14)

"Still The One" show (7/19/14)

Shania with Sharon Osbourne
7/21/14 - Had a blast hanging w/ @MrsSOsbourne this weekend in #Vegas! #ShaniaInVegas #TheTalk

"Still The One" show (7/22/14)

Shania with comedian Carrot Top
@RealCarrotTop: Man, I feel like a woman!

"Still The One" show (7/23/14)

A girl named Shania onstage singing with Shania

Fans backstage with Shania's show horses Rizonte (white) and Lula (black)

PUPDATE: The puppy we rescued on our way back from Canada to Vegas is happy and doing GREAT! We named #Roady! (7/24/14)

"Still The One" shows on 7/25/14 & 7/26/14 cancelled due to Shania being sick with the flu

PEI this Saturday then back to #Vegas for my FINAL shows! Can't wait to get back on stage, who is coming out!? (8/25/14)

Who's coming to #Vegas next month? My final shows: Oct. 8th-Dec.13th #ShaniaInVegas #ShaniaTwain #StillTheOne (9/16/14)

My final Vegas shows: Oct. 8th-Dec.13th! #ShaniaInVegas #ShaniaTwain #StillTheOne (9/23/14)

The countdown is on... 9 days till #ShaniaInVegas is back! (9/29/14)

Just landed in #Vegas! #ShaniaInVegas at Colosseum starts in 6 days! (10/2/14)

"Still The One" show (10/8/14)

10/9/14 - I love my fans, I love my job & I love #Vegas! #ShaniaInVegas

"Still The One" show (10/10/14)

"Still The One" show (10/11/14)

"Still The One" show (10/14/14)

Shania with her old violinist band member Roddy Chong and still current guitarist Cory Churko

Happy Wednesday! Excited to be back on stage tonight. (10/15/14)

"Still The One" show (10/15/14)

Shania onstage with tribute act Simply Shania

"Still The One" show (10/17/14)

Tonight. #ShaniaInVegas #StillTheOne (10/18/14)

"Still The One" show (10/18/14)

Shania with "Big Brother 16" houseguest Frankie Grande
@FrankieJGrande: I don't think you understand how much I love this woman... @ShaniaTwain #stilltheone

Shania with shoe designer Chloe Gosselin and hair stylist/makeup artist Barry Lee Moe

Need a lift? #ShaniaInVegas (10/20/14)

"Still The One" show (10/21/14)

Pictures by Megan Castran

Having a blast out here! Only a few more shows left! Come see us in #Vegas. #ShaniaInVegas (10/22/14)

Back to back shows this weekend in #Vegas! See you tonight!? #shaniainvegas (10/24/14)

"Still The One" show (10/24/14)

"Still The One" show (10/25/14)

10/26/14 - What a great surprise to have @SelenaGomez and @MatthewKoma come to the show last night! #ShaniaInVegas

PUPDATE: I got to reconnect with the puppy, Roady, we rescued on our way back from Canada to Vegas. He has grown a lot and is full of life! (10/29/14)

4 days until I return to #Vegas! #ShaniaInVegas (12/2/14)

See you tomorrow! #ShaniaInVegas (12/5/14)

"Still The One" show (12/6/14)

Shania with Country music duo Maddie & Tae
@ShaniaTwain: Loved meeting @MaddieandTae & so happy that they have the #1 song this week at country radio! #GirlInACountrySong

@MaddieandTae: We've looked up to @ShaniaTwain for as long as we can remember. Can't believe we got to meet her! Ahh!

"Still The One" show (12/7/14)

"Still The One" show (12/9/14)

"Still The One" show (12/10/14)

The entire cast and crew for Shania Twain. We will miss you boss. ~ The Underhands

One of Shania's dancers, Miguel Perez

J.D. Blair's "Still The One" kit

2 FINAL #ShaniaInVegas shows left. Who's coming to #Vegas this weekend?! (12/11/14)

Two FINAL #Vegas shows left! #ShaniaInVegas (12/12/14)

"Still The One" show (12/12/14)

Shania Kids Can after-party - Florentine Ballroom I/II, Palace Tower, Caesars Palace
Click HERE for more great pictures!

Items at silent auction

Proofs of three Shania Kids Can T-shirts

Shania's gloves she wore last night

Shania's Santa hat from The 2013 Great Santa Run in Las Vegas

The.Final.Night. Let's have some fun! #Vegas #ShaniaInVegas #StillTheOne (12/13/14)

THE FINAL SHOW (12/13/14)

Shania with one of her dancers, Devin Walker, minutes before taking the stage for the last time in Las Vegas.

Shania with Robin Leach

Shania's band hanging out after the show
(L-R)Joshua, Justin, Cory, Hardy, J.D. & Carrie-Ann

The Underhands - Stage Crew


1. The stage being dismantled. 2. S H A N I A letters from the stage loaded onto a truck.

The Underhands present Shania with a Christmas card at her final show.

Take me back! #TBT #ShaniaInVegas (12/18/14)

From @ChloeGosselin1: #TBT my friend Eilleen trying on her first pair of Datura! @shaniatwain #ShaniaTwain #ChloeGosselin #shoes #Datura #throwbackthursday (10/22/15)

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