"Shania: Still The One - Live From Vegas" Radio Special Available

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February 20, 2015

UMG NASHVILLE will release "SHANIA TWAIN STILL THE ONE LIVE FROM VEGAS RADIO SPECIAL" for broadcast in celebration of TWAIN's CD and DVD release of her VEGAS show.

"SHANIA: Still The One Live From VEGAS" will release to DVD and CD on TUESDAY, MARCH 3rd recapping her two-year residency at the COLOSSEUM AT CAESARS PALACE in LAS VEGAS.  

"I guess I was just ready to be reinvigorated and to test myself, test my limits, take myself out of my comfort zone," said TWAIN of the show. "I was feeling a little bit insecure just before I jumped into the VEGAS situation, and I thought, 'Well, maybe I need to just jar myself a little bit and take something really new and exciting on, and take the chance that maybe I'll have a really great time and learn some new things about myself and put my voice to the test, as well.'"

The two-hour radio special will celebrate the success of that long-running residency and TWAIN's career highlights with a brown-bagged format to allow for localization of air talent. TWAIN will share insight into her career in her own words with hits such as "Any Man of Mine," "Man! I Feel Like a Woman," and others with open-ended written host liners for ease of broadcast. Total run time will be approximately two hours with a clearance window of SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28th through SATURDAY, MARCH 21st.

For information or to broadcast "SHANIA TWAIN STILL THE ONE LIVE FROM VEGAS RADIO SPECIAL," contact UMG NASHVILLE Dir./Radio Marketing DONNA HUGHES via email or by phone at (615) 337-8018.