Shania Twain's 'Come On Over' Was an Awards Magnet; Luke Combs' 'This One's for You,' Not as Much

Each album has spent a remarkable 50 weeks at No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart, but they had different fates at awards shows.

By Paul Grein
October 29, 2019

You probably heard that Luke Combs' This One's for You has tied Shania Twain's Come on Over for the longest run at No. 1 in the 55-year history of Billboard's Top Country Albums chart -- a remarkable 50 weeks.

The two albums took very different routes to the record. As my colleague Jim Asker pointed out in his story breaking the news, Come on Over spawned three top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. None of the singles from This One's for You cracked the top 10, or even the top 20, on the Hot 100, though "Beautiful Crazy" came close, peaking at No. 21.

The two albums also experienced different fates at major awards shows. Come on Over was nominated for album of the year at the Grammys, CMA Awards and ACM Awards. This One's for You wasn't nominated in that category at any of the three shows.

Twain won four Grammys for Come on Over and was named entertainer of the year for 1999 at both the CMAs and the ACMs. Combs has yet to win a Grammy. He won new artist honors at both of the country award shows, but has yet to be nominated for entertainer of the year at either.

One reason for their different awards show fates is that Come on Over was Twain's second smash album, following 1995's The Woman in Me, while This One's for You was Combs' debut.

Twain received nine Grammy nominations for Come on Over and its multiple hits over a two-year period. The album was nominated for both album of the year and best country album (1998). "You're Still the One," the biggest hit from the album, was nominated for both record and song of the year. "You've Got a Way" was nominated for song of the year the following year.

Twain won back-to-back Grammys for best female country vocal performance (for "You're Still the One" and "Man! I Feel like a Woman!") and best country song (for "You're Still the One" and "Come on Over").

By contrast, Combs' only Grammy nom to date was best new artist (2018). "Beautiful Crazy" is vying for noms this year for record of the year and best country solo performance. The noms for the 63rd annual Grammy Awards will be announced on Nov. 20.

Come on Over also fared better at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Twain received six noms over the life of the album. Combs has received three noms for the album over a three-year period, winning for new male artist of the year (2018).

It's a mixed picture at the CMA Awards. Combs received more overall noms for his album (five) than Twain did for hers (three), though Twain was nominated for album of the year (1998).

Combs' five CMA noms for the album include one win: new artist of the year (2018). He's nominated this year for male vocalist of the year (for the second year in a row) and song of the year for "Beautiful Crazy." (He's also nominated for musical event of the year for "Brand New Man," but that's from Brooks & Dunn album.)