Shania Twain says she's grateful to be 'alive' and 'healthy' for her comeback

The Canadian Press
By David Friend
February 14, 2023

TORONTO - Shania Twain says she's grateful to be "alive" and "healthy" to witness the Shania-ssance.

The Canadian pop-country superstar is in the middle of a comeback that's seen her share a stage with Harry Styles at Coachella and be embraced by the TikTok generation just as she released her new album "Queen of Me."

The 57-year-old says all of this activity isn't something she takes for granted, especially after she faced years of health struggles from contracting Lyme disease in 2003.

Twain says she remembers thinking as a young musician that many artists never get to witness their "second wave" of popularity.

And so the "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" singer intends to capitalize on this moment with new music and more than 70 tour dates slated throughout the year.

She says there's also a stage musical in the works that builds its story around her songs, and she is already thinking of recording new albums after her tour wraps.

"I'm healthy and I'm getting to enjoy all of these fabulous fruits of all these years of work, effort and heart," she said in a recent video call from Las Vegas.

"It feels really good."