Shania Twain writes song for health care workers amid coronavirus pandemic

CityNews - Canada
By Lindsay Dunn
April 2, 2020

It's going to be at least few months until we see major concerts in North America as we try to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Country music icon Shania Twain was in the middle of one of the top must-see shows in Las Vegas before she had to put her residency on hold for the safety of her fans and crew.

Now, the Canadian musician is entertaining people from home.

“I’m staying positive and keeping creative and enjoying our animals more than ever,” Twain told CityNews from her home in Las Vegas. “We have three dogs and horses and we cook a lot. We eat all of our meals together and are just trying to enjoy our time together.”

Twain has, for the most part, always had a positive outlook on life and she is encouraging fans to have some fun with her songs to make them more self-isolation friendly.

She knows the power of music and was inspired to write a song for the health care workers who are on the front lines of the pandemic.

“It was very spontaneous, but I was thinking about the people that have to go to work everyday and treat everybody that’s in hospital, what about them?”

“It was just a worry that I have, so it was very spontaneous that same day when it started dawning on me. I wrote that little piece and wanted to share it with them,” shared Twain.

Over the years, artists from Post Malone to Selena Gomez have praised Twain for her inspiration. She has the top-selling country album of all time with the 1997 release “Come On Over” and is viewed as country music royalty.

But, Twain still remembers meeting one of her heroes for the first time, another country music legend, Dolly Parton.

“The first time I spoke to Dolly was on a plane right after I signed my first record deal and the last time I spoke to her was a few months ago,” said Twain. “I remember I was humming to myself waiting in the aisle and she was already seated, and she said to me ‘Oh What are you singing?’ and I said ‘I song that I’m writing’. She gave me such a nice smile and it was such a nice moment and then I had to keep walking and go sit in my seat. I love Dolly!”

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