Still The One: Shania Twain's joyful Las Vegas residency

CityNews - Canada
By Lindsay Dunn
December 9, 2019

She is a trailblazer and holds the record for the top selling album by a female artist in any genre for her album Come On Over. Shania Twain has been a force in the music industry for over three decades and is back in Las Vegas to launch her new residency at the Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood. This time around though, she is the Creative Director behind the show.

“I’m definitely a part of the show now from top to bottom,” Twain told CityNews. “I have to wear a lot of hats from lighting, to choreography to the costumes. I am involved from the very beginning. I have a lot of experience and it just feels more rewarding now to have those creative outlets as well as being the performer.”

“The joy I get for being the performer now that I’m involved in creating the whole thing is that I have the privilege of presenting the work that I’ve done and everyone else has done for the show. I’m enjoying performing now than ever before.”

The two-hour show is full of hit after hit and has inspired Twain in the studio.

“In the creative spirit of putting the show together I just started writing and writing and in the end I’ll have a new album written soon.”

While she may not have a definitive date locked down for the new music, Twain did say she has written some songs that she hopes to record with some of the industry’s top artists right now.

“Harry Styles and I, we text each other, we have been doing that for a while now just as mutual fans and we are both very open to doing something so we just need to find the right moment to connect and get in the same room together and do something creatively.”

The former One Direction heartthrob isn’t the only artists she’s hoping to get on her new album.

“I’ve already written a song for myself and Post Malone. I don’t know how that will come together but it will. I’m confident in that.”

Twain’s Vegas show has everything you would hope for an expect in a residency in Sin City — the glitz, glamour hit song after hit song.

Her last album in 2017, ‘Now,’ debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard Chart and her 23-day residency is expected to sell out. This comes over 25 years after the record breaking album ‘The Women In Me.’ The album didn’t come without controversy, nor did her follow up albums ‘Come On Over’ and ‘Up!’ where many in the country music community judged her for the way she dressed and sounded. It’s decades later and not a lot has changed.

“I think they still think I’m too sexy for country and a lot of other females are considered too sexy too,” she explained.

“There has been some regression in the country music genre. The women want to be expressive but they feel if they are too expressive, they feel that they are not going to be played on radio, and they barely are getting played on the radio now! There is a grip that needs to release so that the audience can benefit from the awesome female artists that are standing on the sidelines right now. We need to be able to shine, we need to be able to step into the spotlight. It’s almost like we are not welcomed by certain elements of the industry.”

Besides being a champion for females in country music and the music industry in general, Twain is passionate about supporting Canadian teams and athletes. You can spot her courtside at a Raptors game or cheering on Bianca Andreescu from home. But are we more likely to see her take on a match against Bianca or hitting a three with Raptors Pascal Siakam?

“I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but I was a great three-point shooter. Absolutely, I am going to say that, for a short person I could shoot a three pointer. I would love to go do that again!

Twain’s “Let’s Go!” the Las Vegas Residency at Planet Hollywood will be on and off through March with the final show date scheduled for June 6.