Shania Twain’s Vegas Show Was All in the Family

Very Special Background Vocalist Featured on New CD/DVD Set
By Samantha Stephens
March 3, 2015

The family that sings together stays together. Just ask Shania Twain, whose entire Vegas experience at Caesars Palace was definitely a family affair.

The Canadian-bred superstar’s Shania: Still the One spectacular that dominated the Vegas Strip for two years featured lots of pomp, circumstance, flash and fanfare. Twain wasn’t the only one enjoying the fun.

Her sister got in on the action, too, as Twain’s very special background vocalist in the show.

Yep, that gorgeous gal you seeing sharing the stage is none other than her sister Carrie Ann, a gal Twain declares a “beautiful singer” and a source of encouragement and exceptional support.

That kind of support was certainly welcome at the time Twain was contemplating such a massive and extensive Vegas residency. She admits returning to the stage was a slightly terrifying proposition for her.

“The idea of going back on the stage again scared me at the beginning,” she said. “It was intimidating, and I had to build up a lot of courage to take the plunge because I knew that once I made the commitment, there was no turning back. … Right at that moment, I realized that to take the plunge, I needed to know that I was going to have some support there.”

Enter Carrie, who was more than willing to stand by her sister’s side and ease the intensity.

“She was encouraging me,” Twain recalled. “‘Oh, yeah, come on. You can do it. You can do it.’ And so I said, ‘Well, listen, how about if you do it, I’ll do it? We’ll do it together.’

“That was just really a turning point for me — knowing that she was into the idea of participating and not just being there behind the scenes but taking that plunge, as well.”

It was a great source of comfort for Twain.

“Even though I’m still up there … I mean, I know in my mind, of course, I’m still out there up front by myself in my own moments and all eyes are on me,” she said. “But the people that share the stage with you really do make a big difference in your just moral support, in general.”

And you can’t ask for better support than the kind that comes from your sweet and selfless sister.

See Shania and Carrie performing together on her new CD/DVD, Still the One: Live From Vegas.