Shania Twain on New Music: 'It's a More Soulful Me'

CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan

Shania Twain’s putting some soul in her first new tunes in more than a decade. The global megastar exclusively reveals how her “very personal” new music will surprise her longtime fans.

“I think maybe it’s just a more soulful me,” Shania says during a phone call with Cody. “It’s more introspective ‘cause I’ve had so much time to reflect over the last years that I’m putting all that into my lyrics. Even the mood of the melodies and the chord progressions are a bit more reflective.”

While the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” singer anticipates the music to be sonically soulful, there are still a lot of questions she’s yet to answer regarding her first new studio album since 2002’s Up!.

“I don’t know how they’re going to turn out. There are some ballads I think I might make more up-tempo, for example. I’m still in the stage of experimenting with the ideas. They’re not evolved enough for me to say exactly what it’s going to be in the end,” Shania says.

No word when she’ll drop new music. Shania will kick off her Rock This Country tour June 5 in Seattle, Wash.