Shania Twain on Women in Country: 'We Could Use Fresh Blood'

CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan

The woman in her needs more women in country music!

Shania Twain is speaking out about the great female debate in the format and exclusively telling Cody the time for new women in country music is now.

“There are certainly are a lot of male singers right now, aren’t there? We can always use more female singers, of course,” she says. “There have been a lot [of female singers] certainly come out since I was in my key moment of my career, and they’ve all been just really strong, super talented women. They haven’t gone anywhere… We probably just need to be hearing more of them. And yeah, we could use fresh, new blood.”

The “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” singer tells Canadian magazine Macleans women are the “greater risk-takers” of the genre.

“Women have a lot to say, but it takes a lot of courage to say it,” she adds. “When they step out of what’s expected in this genre, they are really stepping in the line of fire.”

Shania will bring her courage to the stage when the Rock This Country tour, her first in more than a decade, kicks off June 5 in Seattle, Wash.