Here's what Shania Twain thinks about Harry Styles being her biggest fan

He even plays her songs live

Cosmopolitan UK
By Daniella Scott
October 2, 2020

- The iconic Shania Twain joined Cosmopoolitan UK for a game of Trials and Trivialations in which she had to answer trivia questions about herself and her career.

- She scored a very impressive 8/11, which deserves a round of applause, tbh.

Shania Twain is an icon, so it stands to reason that even Harry Styles would fangirl over her. It's one of the reasons why he has been pretty vocal about the fact that he's a huge fan, saying in the past that her hit song You're Still The One, is his favourite track of all time. We caught up with Shania in a game of Trials and Trivialations, where she answered trivia questions about her life and career.

Shania correctly answered her way to one of the best scores Trials and Trivialations has ever seen, getting top marks on questions about her incredible career. She remembered which famous singer won a competition to sing on stage with her as a kid, and she could tell us exactly how she warms up her voice for singing live: by jumping on a trampoline while singing Ariana Grande. Which sounds like the perfect weekend plans, if you ask me.

Shania also knew exactly which former One Director band member is a huge fan of hers, and has previously said that You're Still The One is his favourite some of all time.

"He's just been so vocal about it," Shania said of Harry Styles. "He plays the song live as well, and it's really beautiful. I met him backstage at one of his concerts actually and he did my song in the show, so it was really cool."

Shania Twain's The Woman In Me: Diamond Edition is out now. Available here.