“So You’re Brad Pitt… For 2023”: Shania Twain Reveals Her New Actor Of Choice For Icon-Making Song

By Caroline Frost
March 5, 2023

Brad Pitt became a global film superstar, due in no small part to Shania Twain immortalising him in her 1998 song ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’, in which she name-checked the upcoming actor as somebody noticeably standing out from his peers.

Now the Canadian singer-songwriter has revealed which actor she would choose to name-check, were she to write the same song in 2023.

Twain told the UK’s Radio Times magazine:

“It’s Channing Tatum. I’m trying to think how I would sing that…

During the interview with the magazine, Twain sang the section of her famous song, trying out Tatum’s name to see if it would work in the same way.

“‘Okay, so you’re Channing Tatum’ – yeah, that works,” she confirmed. The singer added that she had been moved to choose Tatum, having seen him in the trailer for Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

Recently, Twain caused ripples during the 2022 People’s Choice Awards , swapping Pitt’s name for that of fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds, who was sitting in the audience.

Pitt was later asked how he felt about Reynolds “stealing” his musical plinth. “You can share the wealth,” he said good-humouredly during an interview in January. “Ryan’s a good egg too. He deserves some love.”

The song was originally released in December 1998 as the sixth country single, and seventh single overall, from Twain’s third studio album, Come On Over, and went on to become one of her biggest hits worldwide.