Shania Twain World Tour laser and visual effects show

ER Productions proudly supported five-time GRAMMY Award-winner, Shania Twain, on her 2018 NOW World Tour.

ER Productions
July 31, 2018

ER joined forces with Creative Director, Rob Sinclair, Production Manager, Joel Eriksson, and Upstaging event production company, to deliver a unique and exciting laser and visual effects show for the country singer.

Shania, who has sold over 100 million records, announced that this would be her last ever tour earlier in the year, and said on US TV, "I want to go out with a bang.” ER were delighted to provide a whole SFX (special effects) package, bringing not just the 'wow factor' of lasers they’re well known for, but complementing them with some spectacular special effects.

ER Productions hit the road with Shania and her team on 3 May, opening the tour at Tacoma, WA. The shows ran throughout the summer, at various locations in the US, including Las Vegas, before moving on to Canada, Brazil and culminating in Europe, in September, and closing in December 2018.

Lawrence Wright, ER’s General Manager, said, “We were really excited when we got the call from Rob Sinclair, working with such a fantastic Creative Director means we get some incredible laser looks which enhance the visual feast of a show. Production Manager, Joel Errikson has been fantastic in helping us achieve our goal and pulling together this stunning show.”

Visually the aim was to make the laser show look as large and impressive as possible. Collaborating with the lighting team, ER Productions used existing rigging positions, spreading laser units out over the whole length of the stage, maximising the space available.

Wright said of the project, “One challenge we faced was having confetti in the air for the whole duration of a song, all ground-based.

To achieve this we used six of our new Stadium Blasters and their fully un-manned operation via a DMX contol system. Using these units, we can switch machines on and off as required to keep confetti blasting out throughout the song.”

He went on to say, “Another challenge was to get the low smoke perfectly covering the stage. To achieve this, we used our new, floor pop-up units to allow the low smoke to spread from the centre of the stage, rather than the sides, where fans can blow it off losing most of the effect.” 

Wright also commented, “It has been an honour working with Shania on her 2018 World Tour. ER Productions is very proud to have delivered a unique laser design which is complimented perfectly by our Special Effects department’s breathtaking FX.”

How we did it

4 crew members

30 lasers

38 special effects