Shania Twain can’t wait to celebrate the ‘long relationship’ she has with her fans

She’s still the one we run to.

By Chloe Hatzitolios
June 18, 2019

Calling all Shania Twain fans who grew up headbanging to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” singing soulfully to “Still the One” and misinterpreting what “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” was about. Shania sees you and she’s creating a whole Las Vegas residency for you. Buy your plane tickets now.

In a new sit-down interview, Shania told etalk that her upcoming Let’s Go! show will be geared toward those fans who grew up with her music as the soundtrack to their childhood and are now young adults who love it just as much now as they did then.

“A large majority of my audience [in the ’90s] were families and they were parents bringing kids so I’m gearing and producing the show toward those kids that are now adults and the adults then who are now older adults,” she said. “Let’s go, let our hair down, we’ve all got something to celebrate. I’m certainly there celebrating this long relationship I’ve had with these fans.”

And those fans are definitely celebrating that, too. It seems Shania has known all along that she had the Millennial crowd as well as their parents, but she confirmed it with her recent world tour. During the show she took to dedicating “Still the One” to those fans who spent their whole lives with her.

“I would bring [fans] on stage and say, ‘Tell me your story, why are you here tonight?’ and a lot of them would say, ‘Well, it’s my mom’s birthday’ or the other way around, ‘It’s my daughter’s birthday and we came to your concert 20 years ago or 15 years ago together,'” she said. “And they’re reliving their ‘Shania Moments’ together.”

Look no farther than the national Canadian women’s soccer team for a real-life example. The team posted a video of the members jamming out to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” on their bus and as Shania put it, “They were probably two when that song came out!”

“That was so touching,” she said. “Young women getting up there and listening to my music to pump themselves up? It’s very moving, very touching… Go girls! What else can I say? They’re killing it… It’s really fun to see that full cycle now as grown, strong, athletic power women—still returning to the nostalgia of the music that they were listening to as little kids.”

Sounds like us, TBH.

Shania concluded her last Vegas run, entitled Shania: Still the One, in 2014 when she stepped away to focus on completing a new album (2017’s Now) and putting together her tour. Now she’s hard at work on the residency, which she’s also producing this time around.

And what else can we expect from this fabulous Las Vegas show?

“Animal print… a new bra… fringe for sure… bling and cutouts and pleather.”

Alright! Let’s go, girls!