Super Private Shania Twain Lets Her Guard Down In Rare TV Interview

ET Canada
January 3, 2014

As a Senior Producer on ET Canada, meeting celebrities is nothing new, but where do you begin when you're talking to one of the most private superstars in the world? Landing an interview with Shania Twain doesn't happen every day. This intimate sit down at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas was actually more than a year in the making.  Shania rarely talks to the press - she prefers to keep her private life just that - private. But after months of back and forth negotiations, ET Canada was finally able to secure a 20 minute exclusive sit down so we knew we had to do something special. And we got way more than we bargained for!

Shania, surprisingly, was extremely candid and open. Unlike other mega super stars, her people didn't even give us a list of topics that were quote "off limits". When Shania arrived she breezed right past me to sit down and talk to our reporter Roz Weston. They struck a connection right away and she opened up about pretty much everything. I also have to say that at 48 years young, Shania is even more beautiful than we remember in her 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good' days when she was dancing around the dessert in a crop top.

Of course she talked about her super successful "Still The One" Las Vegas residency which is taking her into 2014, but she also gave us a rare glimpse inside her personal. Shania told us how much she hates spoiling her 12 year old son Eja, in fact, she makes him work for his money' telling Roz, "I don't want him to think that nothing is too expensive for us."

Famous for baring her mid-riff back in the day, Shania insists it wasn't for shock factor, admitting she enjoyed "this feminine freedom that I was playing around with because I'm not in my everyday life and I use my entertainment platform for that. It's part of my joy in appreciating myself I guess."

Once deemed "too sexy for country", Shania also weighed in on today's pop stars including Miley and Rihanna who are often accused of making it more about sex than music. But Shania doesn't believe it's become "too sexy" saying, "the boundaries are really up the individual and then it's up to the viewer whether they like it or not" she says. But she quickly adds, "self respect is very, very important and if you're doing it against your own will and you don't have a good feeling about it in your gut - but you're doing it anyway - you're probably going to regret it."

For more on ET Canada's exclusive sit down with the country star, including why her new music is her most intimate yet and what she really thought of Harry Styles' tweet, tune into ET Canada's Conversation with Shania Twain tonight!

- Laura Carroll