Shania Twain Talks Last Tour And Staying True To Herself With ET Canada

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By Kate Morawetz
March 6, 2015

She's sold over 75 million albums around the world and remains the best-selling female artist in the history of country music, Shania Twain is taking over the ET Canada environment tonight in a no holds barred interview with Roz Weston.

Before Shania embarks on her final North American tour ever, the country legend opens up about retiring from the stage, new music and how staying true to herself has made her the artist she is today.

Hot off the heels of her Rock This Country tour announcement, we had to find out - is Shania ready to say goodbye?

"I don't think I'm saying goodbye," Shania tells Roz. " I'm not quitting the industry. I'm not retiring from my career. I'm just ready to put my energy into, different places for my career and to do a final tour."

Shania continues, telling Roz that it's not so much coming to grips with saying goodbye to her fans from the stage as it is trying to compile a final tour set list.

"That is a hard one, because someone always says ‘Why didn't you play that song? Where's that one?’" Adding, "So the summer tour will have a few songs that the Vegas show did not have, but that means those songs won't be in the concert show. So you know, I'll just mix it up."

In case you won't be able to get out to see Shania's stage farewell, don't fret, the country singer is giving fans a look at some of her favourite performances with the release of her new CD/DVD "Shania: Still The One, Live From Vegas".

Twain tells Roz that for future new music, she's staying true to her roots.

"There's more of a rootsy, folk sound," Shania says, adding that she's staying "more true to myself creatively" with any new songs.  Speaking of new music, Shania answers YOUR Twitter questions, including whether she'd ever make a Christmas album, below. (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR VIDEO!)

"I just can't even believe that I'm here," she says. "All of it really does shock me sometimes when I think about where I started and where I am, and I'm just always catching up with myself it seems, which is good, I hope I never do."

And just in case our takeover makes you reminisce about the first time you saw the country star in concert, the feeling's mutual.

"It feels a bit like yesterday," Shania says. "It's like the nightmare that never goes away," she adds, of those memories of schlepping cords and piling into a van.

"As an entertainer, it's easy to get caught up in the way you look and the whole image of yourself," she continues. Adding that she'd tell her 20-year-old self to "stay true to yourself," because "there's a risk" of forgetting who you are.

"It's interesting looking back," the "Still The One" singer tells Roz. "I never forget. I think that's also part of not losing yourself along the way, not getting too caught up in who you're supposed to be and the image of everything."

"I never really knew I was going to make it and you can never prepare for what it is to make it."

For more wise words from Shania Twain (not to mention her killer answers to our country legends quiz!) tune-into ET Canada tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT tonight.