Shania Twain, Arena Birmingham - review

Express and Star
By Kirsten Rawlins
September 25, 2018

She’s renowned for her strong vocals, beauty and catchy tunes - and last night Canadian Queen of Country Pop gave fans everything they could have hoped for and more at her stunning Birmingham show.

Now 53, Shania put on a tremendous concert to thousands upon thousands of adoring music lovers alongside a wonderful band and with an array of costume changes.

She may have been in the music industry for more than 30 years, but the stunning star looked incredible throughout her two-hour set, donning bodysuits, dresses, hats, and huge heels as she sang hit after beloved hit.

And her voice remained faultless for the entirety of the show, her pitch-perfect vocals boasting excellent strength and seemingly effortless range; all while dancing alongside her backing troupe on many of the numbers.

The set itself was mesmerising, as Shania and her talented group of musicians and dancers performed both on stage and above huge moving cubes bearing animated graphics - at one point, even the drummer was high up in the air, as dancers carried out well-choreographed routines tens of metres above the stage.

“From my little town in Canada, I know that I’ve really made it a long way up to be here in Birmingham,” said Shania.

“I’m a long way from home, but it feels so at home for me here." 

“Walking around here today it was so beautiful. There are a lot of new buildings since I came last. You’re very lucky to live here.”

The lively audience - which was packed into what appeared to be inch of Arena Birmingham - was treated to a wide array of hits from the icon, from Up, to Don’t Be Stupid, That Don’t Impress Me Much, and I’m Gonna Getcha Good.

Shania even took to a circular platform midway through the huge crowd at one point to sing 1997 hit Still The One, wearing a light pink dress as she played acoustic guitar while the band performed with her on the main stage.

It was an extra special evening for one young man, whose family was spotted by Shania while she was on this smaller stage, as she brought him and his family up on to the platform, only to discover it was his 21st birthday present to be at the show. The star posed for pictures with the lad, named Sam, and his parents and sister, before the arena sang him Happy Birthday - without any prompt from Shania herself.

“I love what I’m doing up here because every night I get up here, you entertain me,” added Shania.

“This doesn’t feel like a job.”

The audience was shown a selection of clips from the singer’s career, shortly after she explained how creating the videos had seen her do ‘some amazing things’, including riding a stallion at the bottom of The Pyramids.

To end the incredible show, Shania donned a sparkling one-armed black bodysuit with a caped back and long black gloves, and gave a wonderful rendition of Man I Feel Like A Woman with which the whole arena danced and sang along to.

“Thank you so much Birmingham,” beamed Shania, before disappearing through a hole in the middle of the stage.

A truly tremendous evening, proving Shania Twain most certainly still has the talent she became so famous for. She’s Not Just A Pretty Face.