Shania Twain on Potential Collab with Harry Styles and Missed Opportunity with Prince

April 12, 2018

In her first tour since 2015, global superstar Shania Twain is about to hit the road again in a brand-new tour, kicking off May 3. The five-time Grammy winner spoke with “Extra’s” Mark Wright today in Los Angeles.

Shania revealed to Mark that the tour "will be like nothing I've ever done before, adding, “Technology has come a long way and I'm exploring that a lot more... I love the whole technical side of putting a show together... it's been a fun, good, positive challenge."

Shania remains the top-selling female country artist of all time. Earlier in her career, the reigning Queen of Country Pop declined an opportunity to work with fellow music royalty — Prince. She said the late music legend, “Reached out to me and said, ‘I want to make the next ‘Rumours’ album with you.’” She explained, “Emotionally I was not ready to focus on being a professional and I let that slip by. It’s very unfortunate because now he's gone. We weren't lined up, time-wise. I missed that really beautiful connection with him. We met and we stayed in touch.”

But it’s former One Direction superstar Harry Styles who Shania says she really wants to collaborate with now, revealing, “He's a great singer and a serious talent — he's got longevity and he's smart and he's got a real cool factor that I like. I love the way he sings.”

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