Jose Canseco Hit On Shania Twain Via Twitter And Failed (Photo)

Former baseball player Jose Canseco sent singer Shania Twain a shirtless picture on Twitter and attempted to hit on the married mom.
By Bryan Rose
December 2, 2014

Even if you don’t like Shania Twain’s music (and I don’t know many males who do), you certainly like what you’re looking at as the singer is extremely good looking.

Apparently former MLB slugger and notorious liar Jose Canseco decided he likes what he sees too as the Las Vegas native decided to hit on the singer early Tuesday morning via Twitter.

Canseco has since deleted the tweets but the powers that be on the internet made sure his attempt to get in the pants of the Canadian born songstress remain.

Okay, hitting on Shania Twain was funny enough but then to include a shirtless photo? Beyond that, it looks like the picture was taken in 2002 with a flip phone. Seriously, how does Jose Canseco not have an iPhone or even something running Android.

As expected, there was no response from the “Still The One” singer who possibly may not have even seen the tweets considering Jose Canseco removed them rather quickly.

You may recall, last week Canseco and his model girlfriend called off their relationship and the former baseball player is apparently looking for love yet again, though is doing so in all the wrong places. Twain meanwhile has been married to an executive from Nestle (yes, the food/candy company) since 2011. She previously had been married to record producer “Mutt” Lange but they divorced in 2010 after 17-years of marriage.

It would have been nice for Shania Twain to see Jose Canseco’s tweets and the shirtless pictures, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t have impressed her all that much.