Stage in the Arena of the Party of Barretos goes through reforms for show of Shania Twain

According to the organization of the event, the structure will receive double the equipment used in presentations of other artists. Canadian singer performs on August 18th.

By Thaisa Figueiredo
August 6, 2018

With the expectation of exceeding a million visitors, the organizers of the Barretos Peon Festival make the last adjustments in the Park of the Peon. According to the president of the club Os Independentes Ricardo Bodinho, the stage of the Arena underwent an ample renovation to receive the show of Shania Twain, who performs for the first time in Brazil.

The 'Shania Now' world tour marks the Canadian singer's reunion with fans 15 years after the last album. The concert in Barretos takes place on August 18.

"We had to do a complete renovation on the presentation stage. Our stage was able to receive an amount of weight and had to change to double to be able to serve it. The lighting, the led panels are practically twice what we normally use. It's a very complex logistics."

According to Bodinho, the equipment for the show of Shania will be entirely leased in Brazil. Despite this, the costs are not low, since all items are imported and the amount is twice as often used in the concerts of other artists who will pass the arena stage.

The operation for the star's arrival in Brazil also requires a private plane to pick her up in Los Angeles, USA, and her and the team's lodging in São Paulo. Only the cache cost $ 1.1 million, about $ 4 million, reveals the president.

"It's another world for us, a much bigger requirement," says Bodinho.


The reforms in the Park of the Peon are not restricted to the stage of the Arena. The work mobilized two thousand workers for improvements in infrastructure. The venue won a new block of cabins, with capacity for 800 people, and the family camping, with exclusive concierge.

Besides the implantation of the new lodging area inside the park, the other two campsites - single and married - received special lighting and the installation of energy boxes for use of electrical equipment.

In all, 28 blocks of bathrooms were renovated in the park, and the spaces of the trade fair were air-conditioned.

An elevator was installed in Arena Premium cabin, one of the most privileged areas of the park, to give more comfort and safety to visitors. Before, access was made by stairs only.

DVD recording

For the first time, a DVD will be recorded during the Pawn Festival. Ambassador Gusttavo Lima, who performs on Saturday (Aug. 25), will be the author of the festival. According to Bodinho, the singer has hired a production company to handle the details, but keeps everything a secret to surprise the fans.

"He does not even let us know. The producer is coming here to check everything and make some adjustments to change what will be every day of the event for the recording of the DVD. These are things he keeps with the keys."

Millionaire awards

As a way to value the competitors of the arena, the Barretos Peon Festival will distribute R $ 1 million in prizes for the six modalities. The winner of the bull riding will take a Dodge RAM valued at R $ 250 thousand. The winner of the Cutiano will receive a Fiat Taurus in the amount of R $ 80 thousand.

In 2017, pawn Alisson de Souza, from Taubaté (SP), won the Rodeio Internacional de Barretos and won the prize of R $ 100,000, in addition to the spot on "The American", one of the most important rodeos in the USA.

"Everything here at the party started with the rodeo. We say that the pawns are the same as the soccer players. Unfortunately, our economy does not allow us to give a bigger prize than they deserve when compared to other countries, which is what has been happening. The pawn rises here and leaves for the US to win in dollars, they go to Las Vegas to win the greenbacks, "says Bodinho.