Singer Bastian Baker Announces Debut U.S. Album & Releases Sexy New Single, ‘Stay’ — First Listen

Hollywood Life
By Ali Stagnitta
August 30, 2018 is excited to EXCLUSIVELY give you the first listen to super hottie, up & coming music star Bastian Baker’s new single ‘Stay.’ Plus, we can exclusively confirm that the Swiss singer will be releasing his debut U.S. album, and we have the tracklist!

OMG, there is so much news and we’re sharing it all! Swiss singer Bastian Baker, who has been killing it out on tour with Shania Twain all summer, is releasing his self-titled fourth studio album, which will also be his first U.S. record! Obviously, that’s not all. is giving you the first listen of his new track, called “Stay,” off the new album, which will hit stands and streams on Oct. 26. The single, which has a bit of a pop beat and some Ed Sheeran meets Keith Urban vibes, is sure to be on your Most Listened To playlist. “Stay” joins his top-charting hit “All Around Us,” which also taps into the pop genre, but Bastian is good at staying in his lane, bringing in his international influences, as well as the incredible lessons he has learned from his mentor, Shania Twain.

“There’s never really an advice that she repeats, she’s always very specific. She’ll listen to a song, she’ll be like ‘ I think this is great, but maybe the second verse should be more this, and she’ll take the guitar and start playing,” Bastian told in an exclusive interview. “Through the tour, I learned how involved she is in the show and really in every aspect of her career. She is not an artist that shows up, plays her show, and then leaves and parties. She’s such a hard worker and even though she could take it easy right now, even though she’s still throwing one of the biggest tours this year, and the production and everything is crazy, so definitely she’s an example.” Bastian added, “Just the way she is down to earth, grounded and humble. If you meet her you’ll just be like ‘This is the most normal person I’ve met in my life.’ I really love her for that.” So sweet!

While Shania may have introduced Bastian to a North American audience, he is no stranger to the top of the charts in Europe, with his first album, Tomorrow May Not Be Better, going certified platinum and reaching number 3, behind David Guetta and Red Hot Chili Peppers. His upbeat and sultry sound (and not to mention, his great looks) will surely place his upcoming album in the top of the charts. Until Oct. 26, listen to Bastian’s “Stay,” and check out the track list, below!

1. Stay
2. All Around Us
3. Love On Fire
4. So Low
5. Young
6. Six
7. You Should Call Home
8. Yokko
9. Light & Easy
10. Another Day
11. Stage Fright
12. Blame
13. Down
14. Time