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Home Street

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Thank you for submitting your best fan questions for Shania Twain! We received so many great questions, it was tough to pick only 5. Keep reading to find out which questions were answered by Shania Twain and what she had to say to all of our Neighbors on Home Street!


How do you begin to write a song? (Frank A. Lentine)

The way I begin writing a song varies each time. I am constantly collecting creative writing ideas like lyrics, concepts/storylines or a poetry. Melodies and chord progressions are always coming to me and I collect those till the time comes when Iím inspired to write a song. I draw from this pool of collected music and lyric ideas and often in the process new ideas come in the moment.

Hello Shania! I wanted to know if you did not do music, what career would you have liked to do? (Kiarra Gaddis)

If I didnít do music as a career I would like to have been either an architect or veterinarian.

Who is the most inspirational person you have ever encountered/ met in your entire music career? (Shelby OíBanion)

Iím inspired by several people Iíve met in my life and couldnít narrow it down to one. Other female artists tend to be my biggest inspiration because I relate to the demands of building and maintaining a successful career, parenting and wife-ing all at the same time. Juggling fame, family and well being gracefully is admirable. Incredible women like Olivia Newton John, Serena Williams and Meryl Streep are good examples to me of women who give so much to their work, family and the world around them.

You are a successful woman - what is the biggest wish you could give to yourself? (Janet Blocksidge)

I would wish to be surrounded more with family. No amount of success can give you the peace and joy of togetherness with those you love and who love you in return.

Shania, you are a beautifully talented woman who has transcended through the years. How do you keep your music fresh and current? (Marcie Rauda)

Keeping my music fresh and current is part of my creative fun. Experimenting and exploring new creative territory allows me to evolve constantly so I donít stagnate artistically.