Shania Twain & Jennifer Reminisce About Their Fast-Food Pasts

The Jennifer Hudson Show
November 8, 2022

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Before they became superstars, Shania Twain and Jennifer Hudson came from humble beginnings.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the country star said one of her earliest jobs was working the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Jenn also worked in fast food, at a Burger King in Chicago.

“I used to sing at the drive-thru. Did you sing at the drive-thru?” Jenn asked.

“I actually loved when I graduated to the drive-thru ’cause it meant I could just chat with people,” Shania answered. “I had this late shift and I would get real chatty. ‘Welcome to McDonald’s. How are you doing tonight?’”

However, Shania admitted that she didn’t sing to customers because she was “too shy.”

Check out more highlights from Shania’s interview, below:

Shania Chooses Brows Over Lipstick Any Day

In the previous segment, Jenn played “Something’s Gotta Go” with her live studio audience in which they had to pick between two things or experiences. Turns out, Shania was playing along backstage!

“I want to be in the audience! You’re so fun,” she told Jenn.

While Shania chose doing her eyebrows as opposed to putting on lipstick, she would prefer being cold over being hot.

“Cold but a natural cold,” she explained. “I don’t like air conditioning either. Because [with cold weather,] you could layer. If it’s hot natural air, I’d walk around naked, which isn’t so bad either.”

Shania had a blast and said she would play this game with her family at Christmas.

Shania Wrote a Song Titled ‘Ma and Her Wine’ When She was Just 10!


Shania told Jenn that she began singing at age 8 and would perform at bars.

“It was the only stage I could sing on,” she told Jenn, adding that she would go in after midnight following last call. “It was the only legal way my parents could get me in. Those were my beginnings. I learned a lot.”

Though Shania said she generally got paid for her performances, she said it was never official and the amounts would vary.

“[It was more about,] ‘Are we going to have gas money to get home if we don’t get at least $20?’”

At age 10, Shania started writing songs and her first one was called “Ma and Her Wine” even though she said her mother was neither a drinker nor an alcoholic.

“I was definitely listening to Tammy Wynette and George Jones at the time, and it was influencing me. I was writing songs that was more influenced by the adult artists I was listening to,” she said.

Some of those artists include Dolly Parton, Gladys Knight, The Carpenters, and Stevie Wonder!

Speaking of Stevie Wonder, Shania told Jenn that her dream was to be his backup singer.

“He’s so difficult to harmonize with,” she added. “I trained a lot doing that.”

Shania Met the Daughter of Her ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman’ Music Video Guitarist


When Jenn mentioned that her 1997 smash hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” is the number one karaoke song of all time, she said, “I think that is so cool.”

“I never would have imagined that,” she added. “I enjoy the compliment and I could just imagine every person in the world [singing] that song with an exclamation mark.”

Jenn then brought out Alex, one of the show’s assistants. Alex’s father was in the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” music video playing bass.

“Were you born?” Jenn and Shania asked, to which Alex replied, “I was 9 months old, apparently.”

“Your dad looks so hot!” Shania hilariously said.

Shania on Getting a Text from Harry Styles


Earlier this year, Shania surprised the crowd at Coachella when Harry Styles brought her out onstage.

Shania told Jenn that her appearance was a “last minute” decision and happened after the former One Direction band member sent her a text.

“So, we just had a really fun time. It was great giving him a hug."

Shania on Why She Stopped Singing for 7 Years

Shania told Jenn that she had a bout of Lyme disease, a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. The illness caused her to stop singing for seven years.

“It damaged the nerves of my vocal cords, and that kept me from being able to project my voice. As a singer, that’s impossible [to sing without projecting],” she said. “I found a way to work around it to a certain degree, but nothing would stick.”

Shania said she underwent surgery that got her back onstage but left her with a “different” voice.

“I have to warm up differently [and] I have different registers in my voice that are stronger than others,” she explained. “My falsetto is harder to get to, so I might sing my higher notes in full voice as opposed to falsetto.”

Shania also took a second to compliment Jenn, saying, “I’m in love with your voice.”

Thank you! I don’t take that lightly coming from you,” Jenn said in response.

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