Shania Twain Live In Vegas CD Review, Having Big Fun With Twain,
And Will She Tour This Excellent Show?

John Emms Music Reviews
By John Emms
March 3, 2015

Shania Twain’s Live In Vegas cd/dvd not only rocks the pop, and rolls the country, but it’s sheer musicality is very impressive!

After 105 shows and selling over 337,000 tickets in her Las Vegas residency this is a superb reward for fans who did not see the actual live show

From the start of the cd it’s very obvious Shania’s band of 10 musicians and 3 background vocalists is not just solid but their chops are superb.

With I’m Gonna Getcha Good, You Win My Love and later on with the rollicking That Don’t Impress Me Much Twain’s voice sounds natural and unforced.

This is a confident Shania Twain and it shows.

Underneath the massive groove of drummer JD Blair and bassist Andy Cichon, the guitar/fiddle/vocal work of bandleader Cory Churko and the impressive lead fills and solos by Joshua Gooch simply kill.

Gooch’s guitar work can go from Clapton-esque, to bright country twang often in one song.

Elsewhere, the retro jangle of Up and the gorgeous country of No One Needs to Know finds Shania blending gorgeously with her sister Carrie Ann Brown and Canadian twin vocalists Ryan and Dan Kowarsky.

This killer vocal blend goes on for the entire performance and is as pure as snow falling on a Timmins Winter Day.

According to Twain’s press release the Vegas show “has been a labour of love for over three years and it was a privilege to live out my visions on that stage””

Elsewhere, it has to be said the ambience of the fiddles, pedal steel of Justin Schipper and keyboard work of Hardy Hemphill works like glue.

The acoustic part of the show starts with short versions of among others of C’mon Over, and a brand new inspired song titled Today Is Your Day.

Without a doubt Twain sings her heart out on the ballads Still the One and From This Moment On.

It’s an intimate moment to say the least.

I first watched the T.V special this past weekend and it was a spectacle.

Costumes and stage design as well as front porch jams, horses and the stage backgrounds were very crisp and multi-sensory.

This is all included on the dvd part of the package which I will delve into later today.

The important thing to realize is that despite the Vegas flash this holds up musically very well.

A tour of this show would kill.

Another Timmins Ontario concert of this particular all out impressive show would be bigger than her homecoming concert in 1999.

That I have no doubt.

This is a must have cd/dvd for any Shania Twain fan.



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