Emergency app helps save fan at Shania Twain concert

KREM 2 News - KREM-TV/Spokane
By Adam Arac
September 13, 2015

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Shania Twain donated several tickets to local fire stations for her concert on Saturday and for one patron, it might have saved their life.

Twain sent over tickets to her concert at the Spokane Arena to recognize the firefighters work against wildfires in 2015, according to the City of Spokane Fire Department Facebook page. Hundreds of firefighters were able to attend.

"I think she just wanted to reach out, which we completely appreciate," said Brian Schaeffer of the Spokane City Fire Department.

But it wasn't all fun for the firefighters in attendance.

Snapshot of the PulsePoint app at the concert. The
Snapshot of the PulsePoint app at the concert. The yellow markers represent all the
emergency personnel. (Photo: City of Spokane Fire Department Facebook page)

During the concert, a fan went into cardiac arrest in the crowd. That is when many of the fire and emergency personnel were notified through the PulsePoint System.

"We had an off duty firefighter paramedic from Station One that was actually starting an IV," said Schaeffer. "It would be really impossible to know that anything was going on unless we had the PulsePoint app."

The app alerts users of any medical emergency and provides a map with the location of emergency personnel. It can be downloaded by anyone, including paramedics and firefighters. Firefighters in the crowd said they likely never would have known the emergency was happening through the loud music and cheering without the app.

"I really hope Shania Twain gets the message that she contributed to this happening, the overall outcome," said Schaeffer.

Off-duty firefighters, paramedics and citizens all responded to the person's section to give them treatment. The victim survived and is doing well, according to the Spokane Fire Department.