Review: Shania Twain, Gavin DeGraw in Sioux Falls

1140AM KSOO - Sioux Falls
By Jeff Harkness
September 24, 2015

The Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls is quickly becoming the place to say ‘goodbye’.

In the next three months, farewell tours from Elton John (‘The Final Curtain’) and Motley Crue (‘All Bad Things Must Come To An End’) are heading to the venue. Wednesday night, it was Shania Twain’s turn to bid adieu.

The ‘Queen of Country Pop’ has already said the ‘Rock This Country’ tour will be her last, and she made sure she gave her fans in Sioux Falls plenty to remember.

From the opening notes of ‘Rock This Country’ to the end of her one-song encore (‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’), Shania mixed in pyrotechnics, wardrobe changes, and just the right balance of her more country oriented catalog with the pop songs that catapulted her into super stardom.

Shania even managed to venture into the crowd a couple of times. The first saw her literally taking a lap around the Premier Center on a wheeled cart, which gave fans in the back of the venue a chance to see her up close, and maybe even snag a high-five. Later she soared high above the crowd on a mechanical arm that hoisted her closer to the fans in the upper level.

There were also some nice low key moments as well. Shania talked of her stroll through Downtown Sioux Falls on her day off Tuesday, where she posed for a picture with a moose on the city’s sculpture walk.

She also talked about her fear of being arrested for later climbing on top of a horse sculpture. Shania was very complimentary to Sioux Falls, saying it was a very nice place to visit.

Shania was at her best vocally during an acoustic set toward the end of the show, when she led the audience in a sing-a-long of her Top Five songs ‘You’re Still The One’ and ‘From This Moment’.

One of the best moments of the show came when Shania teamed up opening act Gavin DeGraw on ‘Party For Two’.

Speaking of DeGraw, Wednesday was the second time I had a chance to see him live this year (he also opened for Billy Joel in Minneapolis in April), and I can honestly say I enjoy seeing him as much as any act I’ve seen in as long time.

The New York native has an outstanding voice and an engaging presence on stage. It’s not often you’re going to get crowds there to see the likes of Billy Joel and Shania Twain, to listen to your music, let alone give you a standing ovation when your set is done. A true man of the people, DeGraw even worked his way through nearly every section of the Premier Center’s lower level at one point.

In his decade on the charts, DeGraw has made a name for himself with the Top 40 hits ‘I Don’t Want To Be’, ‘Chariot’, ‘In Love With A Girl’, and ‘Not Over You’. He featured inspired versions of all of those Wednesday night, as well as working in covers of Billy Joel’s ‘Big Shot’ and Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’.