Shania on "Megyn Kelly TODAY"
October 31, 2017


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Watch Shania Twain show Megyn Kelly how to do her dance moves (TODAY)
Costumed as country singer Shania Twain for Halloween, Megyn Kelly shares some scares that her studio guests got as they were cleared by security. Then the real-life Shania shows Megyn how to do some of her signature moves, and talks about her long-awaited new album, “Now,” her upcoming film “Trading Paint,” and her recovery from Lyme disease.

Here is the segment that aired on the "TODAY" show which airs before "Megyn Kelly TODAY".

Shania Twain Surprises Megyn Kelly For Halloween (TODAY)
As the "TODAY" anchors gather on the plaza in their Halloween costumes as country music stars, Megyn Kelly (as Shania Twain) says "every shred of my dignity is gone." That's when the real-life Shania joins them live. A shocked Megyn tells Shania she wishes she'd practiced more!