Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan perform with Shania Twain in weirdest crossover ever

Metro - UK
By Tilly Pearce
February 22, 2019

Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan are used to big audiences thanks to their stand-up, but after appearing with Shania Twain at the O2 Arena it appears they might want to stick to their day jobs.

The comedy duo learn from the best tonight in their newest episode of Rob and Romesh Vs., trying out the life of a country music star with the help of Shania, who brought them out on stage with her when she performed in the UK last year.

When asked how it went, Romesh told ‘If you want to know how it went, if you look up the reviews of the Shania Twain concert, it will say, “incredible, bar the weird decision to include Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan!”’

 ‘“Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett’s management have somehow convinced Shania Twain that they’re much more famous than they really are,”’ added Rob.

Romesh then revealed the embarrassment of performing to the sold-out crowd at the event and added: ‘It was so funny, she brought us out and went “I think you’re going to know who this is!” but like half the O2 went “not a fucking clue!”’

‘I do not share a demographic of audience with Shania,’ Rob admitted. ‘Maybe apart from the people working the security.’

Thankfully while they may not have been the most well-received, super star Shania was nothing but nice as she guided them through a day in her life.

‘Shania Twain is such a legend, when you look at, she’s one of the biggest selling artists of all time, she’s got one of the biggest selling female albums ever, and she was so normal,’ said Rob.

‘I thought she would be a bit starry or diva-y but she’s so chilled, and we ended up on stage with her, in her London show which lasts an hour and thirty minutes, we were on stage with her for 17 minutes. God knows what we were doing! Then Romesh started rapping!’

It wasn’t all pure sunshine though, with Rob admitting that he ‘had a breakdown’ in Nashville when waiting to perform a country song he’d created with Rom.

He declared: ‘Wait ‘til you hear me fucking sing! Awful. I was so angry and stressed beforehand. I couldn’t do it. I had a meltdown in a hotel room – like a full, nervous breakdown in the hotel room.’

‘It was so funny, we wrote this song, and then we were going to perform it at this bar in Nashville, and then we decided to have like a half an hour practice, and what happened was, we couldn’t get it right at all, and then Rob, you know how smiley he is normally? He fucking lost his shit! Like..he was finding new toys to throw out the pram, he was absolutely…flipped out man,’ laughed Rom.

Good to have a friend there in a time of crisis, eh Rob?

Viewers will have to tune in tonight to see what the results of their efforts were, but from the sound of it they’re better off sticking to the stand-up.

Rob & Romesh Vs Country Music is on Sky One and NOW TV tonight at 10pm.