Shania Twain And Her Sister Act
February 24, 2015

When Shania Twain agreed to do her residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, she had to know she’d have some special support on stage. Her sister Carrie Ann had to agree to be one of her backup singers.

“The idea of going back on the stage again scared me at the beginning. It was intimidating, and I had to build up a lot of courage to take the plunge, because I knew that once I made the commitment, there was no turning back,” said Shania. “So, right at that moment, I realized that to take the plunge I needed to know that I was going to have some support there. And so my sister Carrie, being a beautiful singer herself and we’re very close…I said to her I’ll do this because she was encouraging me. ‘Oh yeah, come on. You can do it. You can do it.’ And so I said ‘Well, listen, how about if you do it, I’ll do it? We’ll do it together.’ And that was just really a turning point for me knowing that she was into the idea of participating and not just being there behind the scenes, but taking that plunge as well. And I felt like I was sharing some of that weight, and really [it] just helps like logically.”

You can see Carrie Ann when Shania’s Still the One Live From Las Vegas CD & DVD collection arrives in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd.