Shania Twain delivers amazing performance in Victoria

Nexus - Camosun College
By Mikayla Russell
October 26, 2015

Being a Shania Twain fan since I was a little kid, I was very excited for her recent concert at Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre and had high expectations for the whole night. My expectations were definitely met.

The opening act was Bastian Baker. Although the beginning of his set wasn’t as high energy as the middle and end were, the tunes were easy to listen to, with catchy lyrics. But when Twain came on, that’s when the fun started.

From the moment she came on stage, it was obvious Twain was having fun; her personality really came through. This tour, which is set to be her last, was all about her greatest hits; Twain fans delighted in loudly singing their old favorites along with her.

What really added to the vocals and instruments were the lights and pyrotechnics; “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” was full of flames shooting out of the stage heating up the night (literally). Even though during some parts of the costume changes the audience was kept entertained by fabulous violin or guitar solos, there were some moments where it was just darkness, which took away some of the night’s energy.

One thing, besides the amazing singing, that impressed me was the way Twain connected with the fans throughout the show. She talked with the audience, signed a couple T-shirts, and, when she found out two audience members had birthdays that day, sang “Happy Birthday.”

This show was, in a word, amazing. Twain is set to retire from the touring life soon; seeing her live is easily worth a road trip before it’s too late.