Review: Shania Twain brings energy, fireworks, lasers to Lincoln show

Omaha World-Herald
By Kevin Coffey
September 25, 2015

LINCOLN — A proposal, a happy birthday and a dance party were just some of the memories made by Shania Twain Thursday night.

For more than 90 minutes, the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” singer led a nearly sold-out crowd through a greatest hits set.

Wearing a multitude of shimmering costumes and backed by a thundering seven-piece band, the 50-year-old country singer looked and sounded flawless at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The audience responded in a big way.

More than 12,000 fans had a few special moments, including the couple who got engaged during “You’re Still the One.” And they were cheered on by their whole section.

Then there was a man named Tim, whom Twain serenaded with “Happy Birthday.” (Performed a cappella, it certainly showed that Twain still has a gorgeous voice.)

And you had to enjoy the fans in the upper bowl near section 321 who abandoned their seats to dance up a storm in the aisles during “Party for Two.” A crowd manager had to eventually be dispatched to clear the fun-loving crowd and send them back to their seats.

Fans were even on their feet and freaking out for songs such as “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You),” tunes that aren’t exactly her biggest hits. (But who are we kidding: When you’re Shania Twain, even the B-sides are huge.)

“Holy cow, Nebraska,” Twain said. “Oh, I’m lovin’ it.”

With a production design that suggested an AC/DC show more than a country concert, Twain showed off every arena concert trick in the book.

Though it’s been more than a decade since her last tour, Twain did have a long stint in Las Vegas where she learned how to put on a show.

She busted out all the tricks Thursday: Fireworks, lasers, lights, costume changes, moving stage pieces, a trip through the audience and a seated acoustic singalong.

As pyro filled the arena air with a sulfur smell, Twain’s young, 7-piece band rocked across the stage in black leather. They were cranked up so loud that they sometimes drowned out poor Shania, whose still powerful voice couldn’t compete with three guitars and two fiddles.

Twain, who hasn’t released a new album since 2002, didn’t have to worry about pushing new music and fans didn’t have to sit through songs they didn’t know. Instead, it was a set full of the hits.

“Any Man of Mine” made the seats shake as fans stomped along to the beat.

“You’re Still the One” was a singalong and a slow dance, and couples swayed in their seats as they serenaded each other.

“That Don’t Impress Me Much” saw Twain run around the stage in knee-high red leather boots — part of her third costume change — and bring the audience to their feet.

She saved the best of her popped-up country for last. In a studded black bodysuit, Twain belted out “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” as pillars of flame burst behind her and fans cheered her on.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been up on stage for a tour,” she said. “I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you to all of you.”