11 times Shania Twain impressed us too much in Portland

The Oregonian
By David Greenwald
September 14, 2015

That don't impress you much? You must not have been at the Shania Twain concert.

In the country superstar's return to Portland -- after over a decade away from touring, no less -- the singer put on a sparkling, hit-filled show at the Moda Center on Sunday night. These were her best moments.

1. When she got back to her country roots on "Honey, I'm Home" and "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?"

2. When she took off her cowboy hat, shook out her 'do and asked the crowd "Is it O.K.?," because even superstars get hat hair.

3. When she hopped in a cart and rode through the crowd to high-five her fans before the show was even halfway through.

4. When she hat-tipped some favorite rock 'n' roll bands with Rolling Stones and AC/DC shirts.

5. When she rode a crane -- sitting on a saddle -- over the audience for "Up!," backed by lasers and stage fog, because nothing's too good for Shania Twain fans.

6. When she burned through enough pyro to roast marshmallows from the 100 section during "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!"

7. When she kept "Party for Two" going a cappella with opener Gavin DeGraw after the song wrapped up. "I wasn't ready for that to finish," she said. Maybe the duo does this every night, but it felt surprising and real.

8. When she kept coming back to thankfulness, connecting her childhood musical dreams at 8 years old to her renewed career at 50. "I'm just so grateful," she said.

9. When she asked the crowd, "I want you guys to light up so I can see you," and the Moda Center immediately became a sea of shining phones.

10. When she sang "You're Still the One," the ultimate grown-up relationship jam, and did the first chorus by herself on acoustic guitar.

11. When her band played in front of video of an apocalyptic volcano world during the encore, because the backing videos at arena shows make sense zero percent of the time. Nice lava, though.