Shania Twain makes a triumphant return to Videotron Centre

The Quebec Journal
By Sandra Godin
June 28, 2018

Three years after a supposed farewell tour that went through Quebec, Shania Twain made a triumphant comeback Thursday night at Centre Videotron. The 52-year-old singer has proved that she was right to change her mind and get back on the scene, as the queen of country pop still has a lot to offer.

And the public is still behind her. As proof, more than 13,000 spectators were at the rendezvous. The pretext for her return to the spotlight: the release of the album Now, the first in 15 years, after a difficult period of her life - a divorce and Lyme disease - topics that she addresses moreover without detour.

Her return is acclaimed wherever she goes, and Quebec was no exception yesterday. Thousands of spectators were standing before the singer made her entrance through the crowd at the back of the amphitheater, clutching several hands in passing.

"Quebec City, are you ready?" She said to a jubilant audience, shining brightly in her long, slit, scintillating dress.

In front of an orgy of colored projections, the singer then set the tone for a demanding and flamboyant concert, whereas it joined little by little musicians and dancers. Accordions, maracas, and violins were part of the party - just like a woman behind the drums on fire, to the sound of the new "Life's About To Get Good".

"I am very happy to be here in Quebec City. Everyone who is with me on tour says it's the best city. And it's really true. Quebec is home, "said the woman who visited the capital several times, even when she's not on tour.

Back in time

From her new album with mixed reviews, Shania Twain chose wisely six of the twelve new pieces, and it's very good: the public did not really come for them.

The audience has fueled the nostalgia for its many hits , which she has all made. It's a delirious crowd, standing up, who sang "Honey I'm Home", "Any Man Of Mine", "Don't Be Stupid", "That Don't Impress Me Much" and "Up!", among others.

The singer was in a splendid form, changing sexy and glamorous costumes several times. There was leopard in abundance as much in the projections as on her costumes, her signature dress since ... 1995. A projection of excerpt from her old videos has also shown the progress made since.

Visually impressive, with her five giant moving cubes that moved with the songs, her ultra-sparkling projections, her confetti explosions and her lasers, Shania Twain offered a concert that blended country, pop, rock and glamor, which has nothing to envy to artists who are half her age.

Above the crowd

During the touching "Soldier", the singer sat in a swing that strolled over the crowd. In this way she went on a tiny stage in the middle of the pit, where she grabbed an acoustic guitar, before taking off again singing "You're Still The One", over a tide of cell phones.

With Swiss Bastian Baker, who was the first part, she formed an energetic duo on "Party For Two", just before one of the new songs from Now, "Swinging With My Eyes Closed", with reggae accents.

After a long ovation that sounded like a declaration of love, the famous first "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" created an explosion of joy, opening the reminder.

Certainly, the singer does not have the voice of yesteryear, which was affected by Lyme disease a few years ago. But her passion and energy seem strong enough to last for many more years.