“I couldn’t sing” – Shania Twain

The canadian star of country-pop Shania Twain will be performing at Quebec the next summer. She has just launched its first studio album after a 15-year absence, a period when she has gone through several hardships on the personal front.

Quebec Telegram
November 27, 2017

Shania Twain has dominated country-pop in the 90’s and sold almost 100 million albums. Generous and smiling, the singer originally from Ontario met with the media in Quebec this week.

It is also the beginning of a new chapter of her life with Now’s first studio album in 15 years which she signs all the texts.

“The album represents how I arrived at something positive. I talk a lot of how to find the courage, I’ll be back on the confidence I lost a bit during the last fifteen years,” she said.

At the age of 52, the singer is more sure of itself than ever.

“I have more stability and confidence in my decisions. I came to a point in my life where I say to myself that even if I make mistakes, this is not serious. I want to push myself until I am uncomfortable, but I do not agree to be pushed by the other !”, she says, laughing.

Shania Twain speaks very good French, a language she learned as a child, and she often practices with her son and her husband is of swiss origin.

She had to relearn how to sing

The singer’s comeback, after a break-up painful, and a diagnosis of Lyme disease which has caused damage to the vocal cords.

“The moment I realized that my voice was completely different, I had no control, no tone. It was a very sad, very hard,” says the singer, moved.

She even thought she would never be able to sing. “I continued to write songs, I said to my husband: maybe it is time to give my songs to other singers to do it live. I was not able to sing,” she recalls.

Fortunately, by consulting professionals, Shania Twain was able to start to sing.

“The problem is still there, it’s going to stay my whole life, but with the therapies and physiotherapy for my voice … I have found a way of singing,” she said.

“Man! I feel like a woman”, and celebrates its 20 years!

This ode to femininity on which so many girls are époumonées celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

“A lot of songs from that period that I have written, it was a risk! Nowadays, if someone released a song like this, this is not a risk, it will not be a judge,” says the singer.

Shania Twain will be performing in Montreal on June 26 and in the Centre Videotron in Quebec on 28 June.

“It is always a pleasure for me to go and sing in these cities, it is always nice. I feel very… “welcome!” It that how you say welcome?” she said, faltering, apologizing to her mastery of the French language.

“And they will forgive me my way of speaking French!” she adds, laughing.

Let’s hope that her fans will be charmed by her accent and be fulfilled.

Original article in French: Le Journal de Montréal