Six-year-old Regina girl shares stage with Shania Twain

"Mommy and another person lifted me up and then the body guards put me on stage."

Regina Leader-Post
By Lynn Giesbrecht
May 15, 2018

After being invited on stage during Shania Twain’s concert in Saskatchewan, a Regina girl has reached some conclusions about the music superstar.

“She’s pretty and she’s very kind,” said six-year-old Kaylee Monteyne, who was among the throngs of concertgoers at SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon this past weekend.

“She kept singing her songs and kept making eye contact with me,” said Monteyne.

Shannon Harper, Monteyne’s mother, said at first Twain had waved at her daughter, but the six-year-old hadn’t seen it.

“She came back in and waved at Kaylee again and this time Kaylee got to see it,” said Harper. “She continued to look at Kaylee and wave at Kaylee, and she really kept an eye on Kaylee throughout the evening.”

Kaylee Monteyne, 6, got pulled up on stage at the Shania Twain concert in Saskatoon on the weekend.

Monteyne had brought a sign asking for a hug, but decided she didn’t want to hold it up.

“So for Shania Twain, this worldwide superstar to actually stop her performance and say, ‘There’s this little girl here, you know, she’s been singing all night with us, and I think she’s getting tired ’cause it’s late. I want to meet her’ — is a pretty big moment,” said Harper.

Near the end of the show, Monteyne found herself on stage. “Mommy and another person lifted me up and then the body guards put me on stage,” she said. 

“When I realized that Shania really was continuing to watch my child, I knew that she felt some type of connection to Kaylee, and the connection that Kaylee feels to her,” said Harper.

“When you see a six-year-old girl singing all your lyrics, I think she was touched by that and wanted to meet Kaylee as much as Kaylee wanted to meet her.”

Harper said that Twain knelt down, put her arm around the six-year-old and chatted with her. “To have Shania actually get down on her knees to be at my child’s level I think just shows what a warm, caring person she actually is,” said Harper.

Both Harper and Monteyne are dedicated Shania Twain fans. “I’ve seen all of Shania’s concerts that she’s come to,” said Harper. During Twain’s last tour, Harper felt Monteyne was too young, but had promised her daughter she would take her to the next one, thinking there probably wouldn’t be a next time. 

“We actually surprised her the day before the concert that she was going,” said Harper. “And she was just blown away that she was going to get to go see Shania Twain.”

She just never dreamed her daughter would see Twain that up close and personal.

During Shania Twain’s performance in Saskatoon on Saturday, six-year-old Regina resident Kaylee Monteyne was invited on stage by the country music star.