Shania Twain delivers with glitz and glamour

The Regina Leader-Post
By Jeff DeDekker
October 19, 2015

REGINA - When it comes to her live show, Shania Twain lives by a simple tenet ó go big or go home.

Reginans got a first hand look at that basic principle Sunday night when Twain brought her Rock This Country tour to the Brandt Centre for the first of two shows.

There was nothing subtle about the show as Twain used most every known production trick to deliver her catalogue of country pop hits. Her massive stage included two enormous vertical video screens and numerous platforms for her band that were moved around the stage but also fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create a large single platform.

With an array of lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and dry ice fog, the show literally had everything necessary to present the music in a mind-boggling spectacle. Most impressive were the pyrotechnics. Not only did the production release the flames from eight outlets across the stage, the fire came in multiple forms ó big plumes to four thin lines to two thin lines crossing each other.

The evening had an interesting beginning for Twain. With Joan Jettís I Love Rock And Roll blasting from the speakers, the production segued with the curtain rising with a good dose of fog, bright lights and video to bring Twain to the stage. Rising from underneath centre stage on an elevator platform, which lifted her 20 feet above the stage, Twain opened with Rock This Country!

Visually stunning, the opening hit a bump in the road with some sound issues. Twainís vocals were muddled, the band was too loud and there were some reverb problems in the mix. But by mid-song the technicians solved the problem and it was clear sailing from there for Twain.

Twain spoke with the audience often, hitting on a number of different topics, including a connection with Regina.

ďIím going to share a personal note with you ó my middle name is Regina. Iím serious,Ē said Twain, who was born Eileen Regina Edwards. ďNot everybody would want Regina as a middle name but I wear it proudly.Ē

Twain, who turned 50 on Aug. 28, also touched briefly on her return to touring.

ďIt took a long time for me to get back on to the stage, it was 10 years and Iím so glad to be back,Ē she said.

Once the technical problems were solved, Twain took control of the crowd. She was only three songs into her 100-minute, 18-song set when she had everyone in the floor seating area up on their feet.

After Honey Iím Home and You Win My Love, Twain unveiled the first surprise of the night when she dug deep into her catalogue for Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? Her first country hit, the song has stood the test of time since itís release in 1995. Itís a fun, rocking tune that sounds as good today as the day Twain released it.

And while the set was full of hits that her fans were expecting to hear, songs like Love Gets Me Every Time, Any Man Of Man and Up!, Twain managed to slip a relatively unknown song into the mix.

ďThis is a song that Iíve never done on tour before,Ē said Twain. ďItís a little sexy song called I Ainít No Quitter.Ē

Twain was active throughout the show, whether it was moving around the stage or hustling her way offstage for one of many outfit changes. She even joined the fans during Any Man Of Man, climbing into a small stage with wheels that was pushed around the outside of the floor seating area. Itís was interesting to see the reactions Twain got from just slapping someoneís hand as she went by.

But the show wasnít entirely about the bigger the better ó at one point she gathered her seven-member band, including Moose Jaw native Cory Churko, at centre stage for stripped down versions of Today Is The Day and No One Needs To Know. While this portion of the set did slow the pace somewhat, it was impressive to see what Twain could deliver without all the bells and whistles.

Wes Mack, who opened with an entertaining 25-minute set, returned to the stage for Party For Two, stepping into the shoes of Mark McGrath and Billy Currington who recorded the pop and country versions of the song, respectively, with Twain.

One final highlight of the set was the presentation of From This Moment On. The mood for the ballad was perfect, with a river of fog cascading to the front of the stage with Twain out front on a circular revolving stage, basked in white lights. With one final outfit change, Twain brought the night to an end with a rousing version of Man! I Feel Like A Woman! that had the near capacity crowd on it feet and screaming for more.

Set List

1. Rock This Country!

2. Honey, Iím Home

3. You Win My Love

4. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

5. I Ainít No Quitter

6. Love Gets Me Every Time

7. Donít Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

8. Any Man Of Mine

9. Iím Gonna Getcha Good!

10. Party For Two

11. Up!

12. Today Is Your Day

13. No One Needs To Know

14. Youíre Still The One

15. From This Moment On

16. That Donít Impress Me Much

17. (If Youíre Not In It For Love) Iím Outta Here!


18. Man! I Feel Like A Woman!