Orville Peck Announces New EP ‘Show Pony,’ Teases Shania Twain Duet

Masked singer drops “No Glory in the West” from upcoming six-track project

Rolling Stone
By Jon Freeman
May 29, 2020

Update (6/10): Orville Peck is delaying the release of his EP Show Pony from this Friday to a date to be determined in July. In a statement, the masked country singer said he is instead focusing on the protests against police brutality and racial equality sweeping the United States. “We’re undergoing a huge overdue worldwide transformation thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and that is mainly what I want to put my focus on at the moment. The momentum is currently so strong, and it needs to keep going in order to dismantle the injustices of oppression, so if your voice hasn’t been heard yet just use it, or walk out and hear the protesters, and if you’re scared, tell them Orville sent you! Last week, thanks to the help of some lovely people we raised close to $37k, and this week I’ll be performing a little surprise from the EP at @wynwoodpride where we’re hoping to raise $100k. Lots of great performers, so if you guys like what you see, remember to tip- and y’all, even if you can’t tip, watching to actively educate yourself is also a win for everyone. Love you all for being kind people and I can’t wait for you to hear the album – but lets use this month to get our shit in order because this is only the start of the marathon for equality.”

Orville Peck has announced details for his new EP Show Pony, his first release since signing with Columbia Records and the follow-up to 2019’s Sub Pop album Pony. As a preview of the six-track project, which arrives June 12th and features a duet with pop-country queen Shania Twain, Peck has released the brooding song “No Glory in the West.”

With gentle acoustic strums that echo cowboy songs of old, “No Glory in the West” dismantles various romantic ideals of travel and cowboy life as a way to examine solitary life. “Nowhere left to go, going’s all we know,” Peck sings in his rumbling baritone. In the new video directed by Isaiah Seret, he’s every bit the lonesome cowboy figure, riding his horse through snowy valleys and shadowy forests. It’s a nice counterpoint to the colorful video for “Summertime,” which also appears on the EP.

Additionally, Shania Twain drops by for a duet on the song “Legends Never Die,” which Twain teased on Thursday. “Baby we’ve been up all night,” she tweeted, which Peck then retweeted to his followers. Elsewhere, Peck keeps his sense of camp alive with a cover of Bobbie Gentry’s “Fancy,” famously recorded by Reba McEntire in 1990 and beloved by drag queens the world over.

Orville Peck – Show Pony track list:

1. “Summertime”
2. “No Glory in the West”
3. “Drive Me, Crazy”
4. “Kids”
5. “Legends Never Die” (duet with Shania Twain)
6. “Fancy”