Shania Twain: Still the perfect Gals Night Out

By Sinead Corcoran
December 19, 2018

REVIEW: A Shania Twain concert at Auckland's Spark Arena is the perfect Gals Night Out, but don't be disappointed if parts of the show leave you feeling a little flat or confused.

Her iconic hits are still iconic hits, and her love for New Zealand will feed any Kiwi's ego.

There did however seem to be a heavy reliance on backing tracks, but this may have been due to a technical difficulty or related to her retirement in 2004 due to vocal problems.

Regardless of this - the audience didn't seem to give a hoot. They were there for the Gals Night Out bangers, and bangers they got.

I also truly doubt anyone who wasn't in the front section would fault her performance anyway, due to the absolute razzle dazzle extravaganza happening on stage.

LED lights, floating leopard print mobile platforms and High School Musical-esque backup dancers meant it was near-impossible to concentrate on any one thing at once - except of course when she would debut her next costume, each more risque than the last.

Thigh slit sequin gowns, sheer bedazzled bodysuits, fur Ugg boots and chiffon trench coats all made an appearance, and there is no denying the 54-year-old still looks incredible, and pulled them all off.

Her first two songs were singles from her new album, Life's About To Get Good and Poor Me, but you could tell the audience were only there for the OG Shania hits - Man I Feel Like A Woman and That Don't Impress Me Much were the obvious fan favourites.

The heavy metal interludes between the tracks we know and love were slightly jarring however, and left the crowd a bit puzzled, and I overheard someone ask if we had stumbled into a Def Leppard concert.

The backup dancers were also distracting and sometimes unintentionally comical, and during one song they performed an irish jig while dressed in corporate business attire on top of a floating cube with a swimming pool projected on it. It was a lot.

That being said, it's fair to say she has been through a lot in her life and has channelled that darkness into her show while still seeming like an absolute darling - at one point she even pulled a few fans up on stage for selfies and hugs.

All in all, the woman is a charming delight but there were a lot of distractions when all we needed was Shania singing our favourite Gals Night Out bops.

A personal highlight? Shania sipping her chardonnay while sitting atop her piano, because it's Christmas after all.

Shania Twain will play one more concert tonight at Auckland's Spark Arena.