Shania Twain is launching an acting career and is set
to star in action flick Trading Paint with John Travolta

After two decades dominating the music business, Shania Twain is moving into acting

The Sun - UK
From Dan Wootton's Bizarre Column
July 28, 2017

FOR two decades her hits have peppered film and TV soundtracks, driving the drama in everything from Corrie to Notting Hill.

But now it’s SHANIA TWAIN’s turn to appear in front of the cameras.

I can reveal that the world’s best-selling female country star is launching an acting career, with her first film role alongside JOHN TRAVOLTA in his upcoming action flick Trading Paint.

A source said: “Shania is one of the world’s best songwriters and has no problems feeling and connecting with emotions.

“Until now she has expressed that in her songs but she is ready for a new challenge and is giving acting a go.

“The past ten years have been tough for Shania. After the breakdown of her marriage in 2008 she feared she would never sing again.

“But she has recovered from that and is back stronger than ever. Her new album proves that, and so will her acting talent.”

While it might take a lot to impress Shania, Hollywood film bosses didn’t need any convincing when they cast her as Becca in Trading Paint, which also stars Transformers actor KEVIN DUNN and Game of Thrones’ TOBY SEBASTIAN.

In the film, Travolta plays a veteran racing driver drawn back to the track to compete against his son, played by Toby, in an increasingly intense and dangerous rivalry.

Shania will start shooting her scenes in Birmingham, Alabama, next month, then she will release her next album, Now, on September 29 — her first since 2002.

She explained how it tells all about her traumatic time away from the spotlight and the breakdown of her 17-year marriage when her best friend went off with her record producer husband MUTT LANGE — co-writer of her 1999 hit Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

In a happy twist, Shania is now married to Frederic Thiebaud — who was the husband of the best mate.

Hopefully she’ll have another happy ending in Trading Paint when it hits screens next June.


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