Shania Twain’s Let’s Go! Las Vegas Residency: 5 Reasons It’s a Can’t-Miss

The Boot
By Courtney Carr
December 9, 2019

Shania Twain's new Let's Go! The Vegas Residency opened Friday night (Dec. 6), and the country star kicked things off with one heck of a show.

Twain's big Vegas party opens with clips of her most famous moments and iconic looks -- and when the curtain opens, a dramatic black staircase is center stage, and pyrotechnic setups hurl flames into the air on Twain's cue. Dressed in a gorgeous black gown, the singer teases the the crowd with a few notes of and lines from arguably her most famous song, "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" -- the residency's title is a play on the song's opening line -- but fans have to wait until the show's end to hear the full megahit.

"I get to settle down with a great production and have a party. So I'm gonna theme the show after a party. It's time to party!" Twain tells ET of Let's Go! The Vegas Residency, and throw a party she does. The show features all of the singer's well-known hits, a vibrant set design and plenty of high-energy boot stompin'. Here are a few more of the show's highlights:

The Vibrant Set Design

Twain has always been one for visuals, and her residency shows are no exception. There are countless set changes throughout the night, many with strong geometric vibes and vibrant colors, as well as a perfectly created "Twain Town" that pays homage to her country roots in the form of a Wild West saloon.

The Costume Changes

Twain is still a master of fashion: She completes seven costume changes throughout her residency shows! The star begins the night in an elegant black ballgown, but kicks things up with short skirts, plenty of fringe and even more sequins and glitter.

A Perfectly Balanced Setlist

Twain promised a party and gave the audience just that -- but what the singer also did was perfectly nestle sentimental moments into the night. When it came time for her song "Forever and for Always," fans were surprised to see Twain's beloved dog laying down on a plush lounge chair. The singer cozied up to her faithful companion to perform the classic song after first talking about its relation to Prince (the late music icon wanted to produce an album of Twain's, but died before he could do so).

In addition to sharing that more intimate moment with the audience, Twain also slowed things down for "From This Moment On," during which one lucky couple was seated onstage, at a bistro table, against a beautiful sunset background. Twain sang from a mock pier in a gorgeous gold, floor-length dress with dramatic floor-length sleeves. The couple sipped champagne while enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Shania Embraces Her Flirty Side

Twain works in a male-dominated industry, but she's not afraid to assert her womanhood and do things how she wants. Throughout her Vegas show, Twain is flanked by an entourage of well-toned men dancing either in silk shirts and vests, or without shirts at all. They dance with Twain, carry her around and, at one point, perform an entire number in boxer briefs. It sounds a little Chippendales-esque, but in true Twain fashion, it was equal parts sexy, classy and fun.

All the Hits Are Here!

Twain delivers hit after hit, the songs arriving one after another like waves crashing on a beach. Twain kicks off her Vegas party with "Rock This Country," then includes "Up!," "Come on Over," "You're Still the One," "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" and more. The singer also plays her tried-and-true country favorites "Any Man of Mine" and "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" Naturally, she closes the show with "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

Let's Go! The Vegas Residency is currently scheduled to run through June, though ET reports that the residency will last for two years. Ticket prices start at $60 plus taxes and fees, and $1 from each ticket will be donated to Twain's children-focused charity, Shania Kids Can.

Let's Go! The Vegas Residency takes at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and all shows start at 8PM. Visit for full details.