An eight hour wait is nothing for a true Shania Twain fan

The Guardian
By Brian McInnis
August 30, 2014

Shania Twain was doing her sound check on the stage close to 500 feet from the main gate and the singer was barely visible on the massive stage, but her fans had their faces pressed up against the wire mesh trying to catch a glimpse of her while they reveled in the music.

Three or four young women began to do a country line dance while other fans clapped to the music. Twain was not due to take the stage for hours, but no one seemed to mind the long wait.

Her performance tonight is the first time she has had her show in Atlantic Canada in 15 years and the first time for Prince Edward Island so waiting eight hours for the show to begin is nothing for true Shania Twain fans.

Two of those fans are Shawn Lucas and his girlfriend Karin Pickard who came from Newfoundland to take in the show. They are long time fans and “just cannot believe she is in P.E.I and so close we can come to the concert.”

Jessica Amyoony is from Dartmouth, N.S. made the journey to see the concert.

“I came all the way over especially for Shania Twain…I have been a fan ever since I was a kid and this is a dream come true.”

If Amyoony had a chance to speak with Twain she would tell her what an inspiration she has been to her and that she “has an amazing voice.”

“Her voice is an experience and she takes you somewhere where only music can take you.”