Shania takes a look back with upcoming release

Timmins Press
By John Emms
February 24, 2015

TIMMINS - Shania Twain is back.

For Timmins locals, Canadian fans and for many others in countries around the world, Twainís brand of country-pop-rock rules.

Twain's newest release is a new retrospective CD/DVD entitled Live From Vegas, which hits store on March 3, 2015.

She will visit Canada this week to promote this new Live From Vegas package. Twain has not released a full new original album since Up in 2002. It was, and still is, a great album. But that was over 13 years ago.

Itís been way too long of a wait for the five-time Grammy and 12-time Juno Award winner's fans.

Purely to show perspective, Bruce Springsteen has released six or seven newly recorded albums and songs in the same period.

Me? Well, Iím reflecting. On what you ask? How about back to Timmins and her hometown concert on July 1, 1999?

Wow. On that day, we were feeling Timmins pride, folks, stoked and rocking in the heat of 20,000 euphoric people in the heart of Hollinger Park. It was a moment etched in time for everyone involved.

Whether you were from anywhere on the planet, or from Timmins, or Toronto, you felt that inner sense of pride about the city of Timmins and Twain.

Heck you can also go back to the Olympic torch run with Twain in January of 2010. I was standing outside in minus-35 weather with my grandson James. Yes, readers, let your mind go back to that time.

Whether you liked Twainís music or not (and millions still do), you felt great. The truth is that particular level of pride has been missing for many years.

That civic pride, at least on the entertainment level, is one of the factors of why Timmins does not draw big name acts like Bryan Adams or The Tragically Hip.

Think of it: The Hip will be playing two hours away in Kirkland Lake this summer at the Homecoming Week concerts on June 26-27. Bryan Adams played three hours away in Sudbury. Talk about a world- class rock ní roller who still kicks butt. He still has the passion.

Most people these days lack that ol' rock n' roll passion on many levels. For that matter, in every walk of life. Hey, Iím guilty of watching my fair share of ďon demandĒ movies in my easy chair.

But really folks, itís time to wake up and get back some passion.

Back in 1999, I was there to review the concert for the Timmins Daily Press. In those moments, and now as I type this, I reflect on my own and my friends' musical pasts. The days when 20 or more Timmins clubs were packed, where every musician like myself and my friends rocked away on the weekends. It was a way of life in the '70s and '80s.

Fresh from underground mining or a day in the mill you and your friends went out early to get a table at the bar. Iím sure Eilleen (Shania), who was there, remembers those days.

JPís Lounge, The Riverview, The Rock n Tap, The Empire Hotel, The Travel Host, or The Maple Leaf, where Stompin' Tom Connors put the boot to the plywood, are among the places where legends were born in Timmins. May I remind readers that this is not fiction; itís fact.

This Saturday, Feb. 28, Shania's Vegas show airs on the ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada) TV Networks.