Shania Twain Tosses Hometown a Bone ... Yeah, You Can Keep Some of My Stuff

December 6, 2014

The Shania Twain Centre is nothing but a pile of rubble these days, but at least the citizens of Timmins, Ontario will have something to remember the $6.1 million money pit by -- a few dresses.

By all accounts, the shrine to the town's greatest star was a disaster. Shania didn't show for its 2001 opening (she was pregnant) ... and she didn't set foot in the thing until 2004. By the end of its run ... it was losing over $300,000/year.

So this week it was torn to the ground, and everything inside it -- which was donated by Shania in the first place -- was supposed to go back to her. But the city asked to keep a few dresses and other outfits.

Shania agreed to let 'em go. Apparently the items don't impress her much.

A city official says the leftovers will be displayed at the airport, at convention centers, and wherever their presence is requested (yes, really). In other words ... get in line, local Tim Horton's.