She’s Still The One! Shania Twain Makes Headlines For Candid TV Appearance

Yahoo! Music
By Ram Country
March 13, 2015

Shania Twain recently announced she’s heading out on her final tour this summer. On Wednesday, she visited Bravo’s "Watch What Happens Live" to promote her new live concert album, Shania: Still The One Live From Vegas.

Guests on the program always seem to open up to host Andy Cohen and Twain was no exception. The country star was candid about a variety of topics, but the biggest headline-making moment came when Cohen asked her what she would say to her former best friend who famously had an affair with Twain’s then-husband, producer Mutt Lange, in 2008 – eventually leading to the collapse of their marriage.

“I wish I’d never met you,” Twain said, looking directly into the camera. She added, however, that she’d learned a lot from the incident and had no regrets.

Her frankness didn’t end there! Twain – one of the first country artists to successfully move over into pop music – had lovely things to say about today’s current crossover queen, Taylor Swift.

“I love Taylor first of all… I would imagine that she enjoys being a multi-genre artist, she said. “It does probably keep life interesting for her as a songwriter, as well. She gets to tap into a lot of different emotions.”

Twain even showed support for fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, who as we all know, has had his fair share of headline-grabbing antics in the past few years.

“He’s young and he’s got to go through all of the stuff that he goes through,” Twain said. “I think he’s a great kid and I hope Canada still loves him very much. He’s a very talented guy.”

Another highlight of the episode? Riffing off of one of her best-known hits, Cohen gave her a list of things and asked her if they impressed her much. What made the cut? Kanye West, three-legged dogs, living on Mars and poutine - which she schooled Cohen on after he called it a dessert. 

“That’s not a dessert! It’s savory, it’s like French fries with gravy and cheese!” Twain said.

“That do impress me much!” he replied.

Us too. But what probably impresses us the most is that Twain, who has sold over 75 million albums and is the best-selling female country artist of all time, still keeps delivering. She’s set to release a new studio album soon and as mentioned before, is kicking off her first tour in 11 years beginning on June 5th in Seattle.