Shania Twain’s Still the One, and Then Some, on New Tour!

Yahoo! Music - Ram Country
By Wendy Geller
August 14, 2015

Shania on fiyah! The country superstar is taking the prerogative to have a little fun as she makes her way across North America on her “Rock This Country” farewell tour.

It’s her first time touring in over a decade and she’s making the most of each gig with some fun guests and special moments.

Case in point? A recent show in Washington where she invited a six-year-old fan onstage to sing with her.

Several other ladies who sing have been spotted at the newly blond Canadian’s concerts, as well – like newly single Miranda Lambert, who posted an photo on Instagram of her girls’ night out at Twain’s Nashville show on July 31.

The tour has sold out more than 70 dates and has proven so popular that it was extended past it’s original August end-date with the addition of an extra leg that will take it through October.

As her 50th birthday approaches, Twain’s live show is not only leaving fans wanting more – it’s dazzling the critics. One Billboard writer admitted he was initially skeptical about the singer’s comeback but changed his mind when he too caught her Nashville gig: “It had been more than a decade since she had been on tour, and one had to wonder about the relevance of her music on a 2015 crowd. However, just as she has done her entire life and career, the singer continues to prove those doubters wrong….(she) proved that whatever “it is,” the songstress still has it – in massive quantities.”