New York City - Aired November 15, 2005

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Leaving the show


Shania Twain introduces Martha Stewart to the poutine experience on TV

(CP) - Martha Stewart called it junk food.

But superstar Shania Twain insisted it should be termed a "Canadian comfort food." Poutine, the Quebec-originated snack made from an artery-clogging recipe of french fries, gravy and cheese curds, was on the menu Tuesday for Stewart's daytime TV show.

Prior to her evening appearance on the Country Music Awards, the music diva dropped in on Stewart, donned a white apron, and proceeded to educate the domestic diva about the joys of poutine (which Stewart pronounced poo-tin').

"I have never made poutine, something called poutine, and actually I've never even eaten poutine," confessed Stewart.

"Oh, it's heartbreaking," lamented Twain when Stewart insisted the Internet described the snack as a Canadian junk food.

When asked if poutine means "mess" in French, Twain confessed she didn't know.

"This actually smells good," added a surprised Stewart as the recipe came together, but neither celebrity sampled it on camera.

In the end, it proved to be a more high-end dish, though, than what eastern Canadians might purchase at a roadside chip stand. The gravy was based on Shania's own recipe which includes white wine and mushrooms, but the singer stressed that there were too many mushrooms in the final result.

Twain also took questions from the audience.

Her favourite song? The Beatles' Yesterday.

Her favourite exercise? Fast walking. To an ice cream store.

But she said she hadn't decided at the time what dress she would be wearing for the awards telecast. She also spoke about her favourite charity, the Second Harvest Food Bank. Stewart donated an autographed hat for Twain's planned charity auction.

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