Shania Twain Recalls Sweet Moment Her Son Eja Wanted To Show Off Her Grammys, Reveals He Has A Song On Her New Album

ET Canada
By Becca Longmire
February 2, 2023

One-On-One With Shania Twain - Full Episode


Shania Twain may be a huge star, but at home she’s just mom to her 21-year-old son Eja.

The country superstar chats to ET Canada’s Jedson Tavernier for a new special, with her recalling a special moment with Eja when he asked where all her accolades were kept.

Twain reveals, “None of my awards were out and my son just said, this is not that long ago, so he’s like a teenager… he’s like, ‘Mom, where are all your awards?’

“They’re in the archives, which is a small room in the basement. Stored like respectfully, but you know, not on display. He goes ‘well, can’t we just at least put the Grammys up? So we got the Grammys, we put them on the shelf, he’s like ‘mom, don’t you want to see them? Aren’t you proud of these? You’ve earned these.'”

Twain gushes, “It was really cute, so I started putting more of my awards out.

“I appreciated him bringing that up, it was very cute.”

As Tavernier explains how the Canadian hitmaker had previously mentioned Eja wanting to get into audio engineering, she responds: “He’s so full on now into music. That is his passion. He lives, breathes it. In fact, he’s got one of his songs on my current album, on the Queen of Me album. I didn’t tell him that he was on it until it was already done. Just not to get his hopes up too high.

“He’s very talented, we don’t work together per se, he really loves his independence. He does his own thing,” adding that she’s actually discovered a lot of new music through him.

Twain says of whether Eja is aware of just how big his mom is and if he just sees her as mom at home: “He sees me as mom, I’m mom all the way. There’s no crossing any lines there. He’s very on top of it.

“He knows what I’ve achieved, he knows what I represent in my career. Does not see me as that in our relationship at all. We’re just mom and son, all the way."

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